Soundcells – what makes it unique

Soundcells‘ ReFills for Reason will offer the user much more than only just a number of patches as shown in the bullet points.

Every single combinator can be tweaked easily due its individual knob & button assignment for a wide range of surprising variations.

Soundcells patches behave like real instruments.

Using Soundcells products will be an inspiring and joyful experience for you.

Soundcells Showcase | Dance

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What Users Say

SoundCells refills are, if not the best, at least on equal terms with the very best. As is, they are great value, but if one takes advantage of the generous promos and vouchers, they become unbeatable, a real bargain! So I ended up with almost the full collection, and the few I don’t have aren’t of a lesser quality, just not for my style of music (being picky, because they are very versatile).
How do they sound? Better than any comments, the demo musics speak for themselves: I was marvelled by the delicacy and expressivess of the sounds, which reminded me the vintage electronica I’m a fan of, such as Tangerine Dream, Jarre, and particularly Vangelis. When hearing the demos, at times I forgot paying attention to the specific sounds, and got carried away just  listening the music – I do like Harald Karla’s music, the demos are a delight to audition – which to me also demonstrates how the sounds are made for real music, as opposed to gimmick patches just for show-off.
Pedro Caetano S., November 15, 2017

Digital Genome is such a great Refill !! I used it lot in my different projects and will do again & again. All the sounds are powerful, perfectly designed, and easy to use.

Marc Van_Damme in August 2017 about Digital Genome

“Nearly every patch is unique and usable just the way that it is. (…) The demo songs should not be overlooked. They provide a great demonstration of the refill and provide a lot of inspiration for how to use the patches.”

User Paul Perkes in December 2013 about Analog Signature

“Unsurpassed great and inspiring ReFills. Outstanding quality, perfect pricing. Best service ever seen from a ReFill-dev- & programmer.”

User Jd in October 2013 about Salad Bar

Really love this set. Got it for the drums alone (looking forward to exploring the synths!) The drum loops are good, but really its the samples themselves that make this great, and the clever Combinator setups. As Mike says above, the “not quite as harsh as 8-bit“ is about right, theres enough roughage to really get Reason’s FX like Scream and some of the Thor filters something to work with. After previewing the loops and getting inspiration, I disable the Redrum ‚run‘ buttons and the Matrix sequencers in the Combinator so I can program the patterns into the track direct. Works a treat for percussive electronic music that edges towards a raw, chewy sound. As ever, Soundcells seem to hand out this quality at a really good price – I got a decent discount off this refill after buying another excellent set – Salad Bar – I’ll reviewing that too once I stop messing around and having fun with Boost 309!!

Matt Davidson in November 2016 about Boost 309