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Class-A Reason ReFills.

Soundcells — what makes us unique:

Soundcells` ReFills for Reason will offer the user much more than only just a number of patches as shown in the bullet points.

Every single combinator can be tweaked easily due its individual knob & button assignment for a wide range of surprising variations.

Soundcells patches behave like real instruments.

We are quite sure that using Soundcells products will be an inspiring and joyful experience for you.

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What users say:

“Unsurpassed great and inspiring ReFills. Outstanding quality, perfect pricing. Best service ever seen from a ReFill-dev- & programmer.” User Jd in October 2013 about Salad Bar

“Nearly every patch is unique and usable just the way that it is. (...) The demo songs should not be overlooked. They provide a great demonstration of the refill and provide a lot of inspiration for how to use the patches.” User Paul Perkes in December 2013 about Analog Signature

Picture of Harald Karla, founder of Soundcells "Tweak the knobs and buttons, try the controllers and see that our combinators are genuine musical instruments …" — Harald, founded Soundcells in 2008

Demos: The Dance Playlist

Demos: The Ambient Playlist

Demos: The Relaxed Playlist