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Greenhouse patches sound overall atmospheric and full of character …

Greenhouse – the Synplant ReFill!

Greenhouse is an awesome ReFill based on samples coming from the Synplant software synthesizer; a simple-looking but surprisingly powerful plugin.

Greenhouse contains 180+ combinator patches that provide an insight into the highly characterful sound capabilities Synplant has to offer. Greenhouse patches sound deep and murky, sometimes wishful and dreamy, but overall atmospheric and full of the typical and widely acclaimed Synplant character …

In addition, some One-Shot-FX kits are included to let you produce some glitchy electro beats. This ReFill also includes 37 drum samples (as well as 31 REX loops highly processed with additional EQing, compressing …) from the MicroTonic drum synthesizer.

All following tracks are only using this ReFill

    • 184 combinator patches full of the typical and widely acclaimed Synplant character.
    • 161 NNXT patches containing the basic sounds which were used for the combinators.
    • 7 Redrum kits.
    • 37 drum samples and 31 REX loops coming from the MicroTonic drum synthesizer.
    • 1054 Synplant samples in 44khz, 24bit quality, 1090 MB uncompressed.
    • 5 demo tracks in Reason format included.

Reason 6 and up needs to be installed to use this product.

Changelog / Version History

Version 4.0 (December, 9th 2014)

  • 10 new combinator patches
  • 10 new NNXT patches
  • 10 new MicroTonic REX loops
  • 60 MB of new Synplant samples
  • Reworked backdrops for a better and more modern look

Version 3.0 (July, 22th 2013)

  • 15 new combinator patches
  • 16 new NNXT patches
  • 10 new MicroTonic REX loops
  • 200 MB of new Synplant samples
  • Reworked backdrops for a better and much clearer look

Version 2.0 (March, 14th 2012)

  • 30 new combinator patches
  • 370+ new Synplant samples

Version 1.0 (April, 18th 2011)
Initial Release

Existing Customers:

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6 Bewertungen für Greenhouse

  1. (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Another great refill,by Harald and the team at Soundcells

  2. Randy Gabriel (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    The Greenhouse version 3 is really remarkable and can be used for many genres of music ,I don’t lie if i say i am using it every time work with reason there are Pearls of patches in the refill…The Pads in it attract me every time again personally … i must admit they are great, its complete usable and Original what you want more then a refill you can use every time again and again and keeps sounding superb .

  3. Paul Dokter (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    This is definitely my favourite Refill. Especially the pads are unique in their sounds. The synthplant is a great softsynth and the sounds in this Refill are truely synthplant. I love the warmth and the ease of tweaking the sound. Great Job!!!

  4. Ibanez69 (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Die Sounds sind PERFEKT!
    Schöner und warmer Klang.

    Klares und sauberes Sampling geben mir das Gefühl, richtige Hardware-Synthies zu hören.

    Die Programmierungen der Instrumente, Combinators etc. sind sehr gut angeordnet…


  5. James (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I’ve wanted this Refill for quite a while and just purchased it. I have to say it’s brilliant. There is incredible sound quality. Nothing is choppy or over stated. The sounds are always lyrical and very crisp and have huge depth. You also get rich volume which is lovely for production work. I do a lot of music production and track licensing. These refills are hands down top notch.

  6. Natho (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Interesting refill this one, love the little unique drum sounds. Having said that there’s heaps of cool sounds on offer.

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