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Like an emperor Thor reigns over this awesome ReFill while emulating the Moog Source.

Thor Source brings the character of the Moog Source into the Reason Rack!

Thor Source is adequately emulating a well known classic from Moog: the Source. Thor’s modular design is giving the chance to rebuild the Source’s details with great accuracy. Soundcells copied the favorite Source patches with great ease into Thor and after this it was managed to take those sounds numerous steps further. The sounding results however stayed amazingly close to the Source’s character. In this ReFill’s documentary folder you’ll find proof of this.

Thor makes the Source polyphonic and velocity sensitive as well. By now you’ll understand that this ReFill goes way beyond only emulating the past. Thor Source offers you deep and fat basses, retro and nu style leads, wonderful keyboard sounds, mouth watering pads, analog drums and more.
Tweak the rebuild Source sounds in whatever direction using Thor’s tools or just ‚build‘ your own Moog Source while using the raw oscillator samples and/or the sampled Source sounds embedded within the NNXT patches.

Please always take your time to try every combinator button and knob as well as the Modwheel to get a good taste of all flavours these 214 fine combinator patches will present you with!

Note: ‘Thor Source‘ is *fully included* in the ReFill ‘Analog Big Box‘ – request a coupon code and upgrade for only 9.90 €

All following tracks are only using this ReFill

• 229 combinator patches in four folders (Documentary, Modern Velocity, Processed, Sampled Moog):

  • 25 original documentary patches as described above plus 25 contemporary velocity versions of these patches.
  • 25 legato versions of the documentary patches, and also 25 legato versions of the contemporary velocity patches.
  • • 74 processed combinator patches making full use of Reason’s devices like the RV7000, the Scream, Pulveriser, Alligator … This folder is subdivided into 4 sections: Bass, Keys & Leads, Misc and Pads.
    • 55 combinator patches based on the sampled raw oscillator settings and the fully sampled Moog Source sounds which were added to version 2 & 3.
    • 112 Thor patches.
    • 45 grooving rex loops.
    • 5 demo tracks in Reason format included.

Reason 6 and up needs to be installed to use this product.

Changelog / Version History

Version 4.0 (July, 22th 2013)

  • 15 new combinator patches
  • 10 new rex loops
  • Reworked folder structure for a much easier use

Version 3.0 (November, 6th 2010)

  • 25 new combinator patches
  • Fully sampled Moog Source sounds were added

Version 2.0 (October, 8th 2009)

  • 22 new combinator patches
  • 4 meticulously sampled Moog Source waves were added
  • Some minor tweaks and new backdrops

Version 1.0 (November, 15th 2008)
Initial Release

Existing Customers:

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2 Bewertungen für Thor Source

  1. Darkmode

    A fantastic refill! Great for me as I’m into 70s/80s stuff but superb all round.
    Really good tweak-ability and nicely constructed combis. I’m still playing around with it and highly recommended.

  2. Hitbeatz (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Really good refill!!

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