Analog BIG BOX


Analog BIG BOX – the glory of analog sound.

Analog BIG BOX – One & One is BIG!

Analog BIG BOX includes both ReFills, ‘Analog Signature‘ and ‘Thor Source‘ in ONE PRODUCT at a super-sharp price!

With all the magic coming from five complex sampled classic synthesizers plus THOR accurately emulating the Moog Source, you never will search too long for your right patch. Thanks to adding polyphony & velocity to the patches, you decide how retro or contemporary the patches of this ReFill will sound in your music.

Give your tracks some amazing new colors by choosing from more than 460 different combinator patches (plus their more than 300 velocity controlled counter parts), or start with one of the 330+ basic NNXT, or 110+ Thor patches … – and all this categorized in a clear folder structure for easy patch browsing.

Analog BIG BOX means adding the charming character of five vintage synths to your collection:

• Korg MS20
• Waldorf Microwave 1
• Waldorf Pulse 1
• Moog Source
• Roland Jupiter 6

… it’s all in there!


You already own Analog Signature?

Upgrade to Analog BIG BOX for free (if the upgrade isn’t in your user account already, please send an email at info (at) soundcells dot de)

You already own Thor Source?

Upgrade to Analog BIG BOX for only 10 bucks (just send an email, and we will handle you a coupon code)

All following tracks are only using this ReFill

Single Combinator Patches (Analog Big Box)

Full tracks (Analog Big Box)

• 769 combinator patches (300+ patches with velocity controlled counter parts)
• 333 NNXT patches.
• 112 Thor patches.
• 93 inspiring REX loops.
• Extra high realism due to alternate sample switching, mostly three samples per note!
• 1.15 GB of samples, 44.1 khz / 24bit.
• Samples coming from five classic synthesiser.
• 12 demo tracks in Reason format included (only usable with Reason 8 an up)

Reason 7 and up needs to be installed to use this product.

Reason 8 and up needs to be installed to load the demotracks

Changelog / Version History

Version 1.0 (November, 3rd 2017)
Initial Release


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