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Simple Sampling


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Classic old-school sampled sounds will make you love this amazing and ‘retro‘ sounding ReFill.

Musical focus of this ReFill:

Simple Sampling – a name, a concept!

When we first started working on a fun ReFill based on the Stylophone we recorded it for sampling purposes: we sampled this little toy note by note. Besides programming a patch that matches the real thing we also tweaked the NNXT to go some extra steps. Some fat funky clavinet-style patches caught us by surprise. While producing the Stylofunk mini track (apart from the loop it´s entirely based on Stylophone samples) we added lots of extra cool stuff to this ReFill: a “single-sample-Rhodes”, a “single-sample-Piano”, a “single-sample-Kalimba” and a lot of other nifty stuff …

If you are looking for classic old-school sampled sounds instead of huge patches built by hundreds of individual samples, you will love this ReFill. Patches are super-fast loading, CPU-friendly and they are full of ‘retro‘ character.

Simple Sampling, the name speaks for itself!

  • Fresh sounding
  • Retro and stylish
  • Lean and charming
  • 176 combinator patches for many different styles of music – subdivided in 6 folders: Bass, Drum Machines, FX & Atmo, Keys, Leads, Pads.
  • A note by note (a2 – e4) sampled and looped original Stylophone including it´s typical release click.
  • ‘Simple Samples‘ coming from the Rhodes Mark 1, Doepfer MS404, Supernova 2, microKORG, Modular G2, Yamaha VL1, Yamaha SY99, Kawai K5000 …
  • The modules folder contains the basic NNXT patches which are used for the combinator sounds, 10 Rex loops, 5 Redrum kits.
  • 9 demo tracks in Reason format included.

Note 1: “Simple Sampling by Ruxpin” – a sampled voice was used for this demo track which is not included in this ReFill. This track is using Ableton Live for sequencing and some third party fx plugs. ALL sounds are coming from Simple Sampling. This track IS NOT INCLUDED.

Note 2: Reason 6 and up needs to be installed to use this product.

Changelog / Version History

Version 4.0 (April, 22nd 2014)

  • 25 new combinator patches
  • 25 new NNXT patches
  • 292 MB of new samples
  • Re-worked backdrops

Version 3.0 (April, 15th 2012)

  • 25 new combinator patches
  • 21 new NNXT patches
  • 150 MB of new samples
  • 9 demo tracks in Reason format

Version 2.0 (March, 21th 2011)

  • 25 new combinator patches
  • 20 MB of new samples coming from the Kawai K5000

Version 1.0 (June, 10th 2010)
Initial Release

Existing Customers:

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1 review for Simple Sampling

  1. (verified owner):

    This refill is fantastic.
    I took a little while before I could have a quick listen to the other sounds because I had trouble tearing myself away from the 3 “Smooth Piano” patches. Worth every Penny and more.

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