Digital Genome

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Der AMIGA 1200 in Reason´s NNXT-Sampler kodiert …

Digital Genome – das AMIGA1200 ReFill!

In der modernen Molekularbiologie bezeichnet das Genom die Gesamtheit der Erbinformation eines Organismus. Diese Information ist entweder in der DNA verschlüsselt oder, im Falle dieses feinen ReFills, ist es der AMIGA1200, der in den NNXT-Samples von Reason kodiert ist.

Der AMIGA1200 war in den frühen Neunzigern bei Produzenten auf der ganzen Welt äußerst beliebt.

Digital Genome knüpft an die Qualitäten von bitBUMPER deluxe an und überzeugt mit seinem funky, housigen und spacigen Lo-Fi-Charakter! Die Schlagwörter sind warm, düster, bedrohlich, roh und nostalgisch.
Dieses ReFill kann als vollwertige Workstation genutzt werden, da es alles enthält, was der alte AMIGA zu bieten hatte:
Bässe, Keys, Lead-Synths, warme Pads und jede Menge Drums und Percussion …

Nicht zu vergessen die wunderbare FX-Sektion!


Alle folgenden Tracks verwenden ausschließlich dieses ReFill.

• 218 Combinator Patches in 6 Ordnern.

    37 Bässe
    48 Keys
    57 Flächen
    28 SFX
    21 Leads
    27 Misc

• 212 NNXT-Patches mit den Grundsounds, die für die Combinatoren verwendet wurden.
• 21 Rex-Loops, 5 Dr.OctoRex Patches.
• 230 Original AMIGA1200 Samples, 178 MB unkomprimiert.
• 9 Demo-Tracks im Reason-Format enthalten.

Für die Nutzung dieses Produkts muss Reason 6 und höher installiert sein.

Changelog / Versionsgeschichte

Version 5.0 (15.August 2023)

  • Hochauflösende Combinator-Backdrops für die Nutzung in Reason 12

Version 4.0 (15.Oktober 2015)

  • 15 neue Combinator Patches
  • Neue NNXT Patches
  • Jeder Combinator-Knopf und -Regler ist jetzt zugewiesen
  • Überarbeitete Backdrops

Version 3.0 (17.November 2012)

  • 25 neue Combinator Patches
  • 20 neue NNXT Patches
  • Überarbeitete Backdrops für ein klareres Aussehen

Version 2.0 (20.Juni 2011)

  • 25 neue Combinator Patches
  • 18 neue NNXT Patches
  • Kleinere Ergänzungen im Detail

Version 1.0 (16.Juni 2010)


Benutzen Sie noch eine ältere Version? Alle Updates sind kostenlos! Bitte melden Sie sich in Ihrem Benutzerkonto an, um die neueste Version dieses Produkts herunterzuladen.

8 Bewertungen für Digital Genome

  1. nachoveracruz777 (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I am delighted to have purchased this „Digital Genome“ Refill. I am very satisfied with all the content that I have tried so far, and especially because it helps me to recover work that I have done in the past with my AMIGA 1200. I recommend this MagnificentAMIGA 1200 Refill „Digital Genome“ to all who had an AMIGA Computer, and to those who do not know it. in any case it is very inspiring and very useful in today’s music.
    Thanks for this tool !!!

  2. Wesley (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I’m blown away by this unique low bit sounding ReFill. It has the potential to make an entire song beats as well. Its very important to remember as Reason updates and sounds go more over the top cinematic and esoteric. There are so many Retro Refills for previous versions which need to be in your modern collection. Soundcells are one of two of my go to sources for the highest quality and outstanding pricing.

  3. Marc Van-Damme (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Digital Genome is such a great Refill !! I used it lot in my different projects and will do again & again. All the sounds are powerful, perfectly designed, and easy to use.
    Marc @shedizer @shed @markovanduke

  4. Natho (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I give this 4 Digital Genome Refill 4 Stars, but something tells me I should be using it more, the demo tracks are impressive and I know been a long-term Reason user has left me spoiled for choice as I’ve purchased many refills.

    There’s plenty in this refill, I keep forgetting just how deep the programming can get in each preset to open up the Combinator and see what makes it tick inside, but then again it took me 3 hours to sample my drum kit and then after adding fx to few sounds another 2 hours had passed by easy.

    Programming in Reason in the same, as they say time fly when you having fun.



  6. Hugh Wilson (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I used to regularly come to this page and listen to the audio demos and think, „wow, what beautiful music, what a great refill, I really need to get it.“ So I finally took the plunge and got it, and yep. It’s a great refill with incredibly inspiring patches right out of the box.

    So first up, I made a song with only sounds/instruments from the refill. And I love how it all turned out. Thankyou Harald!

    Harald is a genius at designing musical, inspiring, very usable patches.
    Plus, it does capture the Amiga comprehensively. (I had an Amiga 500 back in the day.)

    Anyway, now I’m wondering what the heck took me so long. It’s very cheap for what it is, and I should have just taken the plunge. But there you go. Glad I’m using it now.

    I cannot recommend this refill enough, and I’m very very thankful I now have it in my palette.

  7. Natho (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I really like that demo song called Future, that’s what had me thinking wow what a cool refill.

    However what I do like best are the Bass sounds, had this refill for a while and find myself not going to it for much else.


    I have pretty much every refill that soundcells makes. Harald is an amazing sound designer/programmer. Every one of my productions has a soundcells patch. This refill is one of my favorites and it really cuts through in a mix. The samples are pristine. Just listen to the demos and you will be sold.

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